Jan-Willem Beenakker

Principal Investigator

Jan-Willem Beenakker [CV] is a physicist by training who has made the transition from the fundamental research setting of a physics laboratory to the clinical setting of a medical hospital. Using his background in experimental physics, he develops novel technologies to enable MRI for ocular conditions and apply them clinically. His innovations have become part of regular clinical care, saving the vision and eyes of many patients.

Current members

  • Jan-Willem Beenakker

    Jan-Willem Beenakker

    Associate Professor

    Jan-Willem is a physicist who after his PhD started his research group in an academic hospital. Using his background in experimental physics, he develops novel technologies to enable MRI for ocular conditions and apply them clinically.

  • Corné Haasjes

    Corné Haasjes

    PhD student

    After his obtaining his master’s degree in Medical Physics, Corné started his PhD as part of the COMPOSE project to develop techniques to accurately combine optical fundus imaging with MRI. He is one of the active maintainers of ZOSPy.

  • Martijn Hol

    Martijn Hol

    PhD student

    Since 2015, Martijn works as a medical physics engineer specialized in image-guided radiotherapy. In 2023, he started as a PhD on clipless ocular proton therapy, together with the HollandPTC, and, more specifically, on the uncertainties within the current workflow.

  • Lisa Klaassen

    Lisa Klaassen

    PhD student

    After obtaining her master’s degree in Technical Medicine, Lisa started her PhD aiming to improve ocular proton treatment planning with MRI. She combines research with patient care as a clinical technologist at HollandPTC.

  • Lennart Pors

    Lennart Pors

    PhD student

    After his training as a medical doctor, Lennart went on to pursue his PhD working on MRI-based eye modelling and radiotherapy treatment planning, including NTCP modeling of the eye’s healthy structures.

  • Michael Tang

    Michael Tang

    PhD student

    After earning his medical degree with a keen interest in Ophthalmology, Michael started his PhD, evaluating the clinical benefits MRI for uveal melanoma.

  • Bas van der Burgh

    Bas van der Burgh

    PhD student

    After obtaining a double MSc degree in Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering from Delft University of Technology, Bas started to develop an immobilization device to use in both the MRI and Eye Treatment Room.

  • Ashaya Jaglal

    Ashaya Jaglal

    Master student

    Ashaya is completing her master’s thesis in Biomedical Technology and Physics, focusing on the automated segmentation of uveal melanomas in MR images.


As members of the Leiden Ocular Tumor Center, we have tight interactions with both clinicians and scientists. These collaborations allows us to achieve a swift translation from technical development to societal impact.


    • Gré Luyten
    • Martine Jager
    • Khanh Vu
    • Marina Marinkovic


    • Teresa Ferreira
    • Berit Verbist
    • Guido van Haren

    Radiation Oncology

    • Coen Rasch
    • Nanda Horeweg
    • Eleftheria Astreinidou
    • Steven Habraken

    Gorter MRI Center

    • Andrew Webb
    • Thijs van Osch
    • Hermien Kan
    • Louise van der Weerd


    • Pauline Bakker
    • Kees Spruijt
    • Jasper Kouwenberg
    • Christel v/d Steeg
    • Patricia Cambraia Lopes


    • Martijn Tannemaat and Jan Verschuren (LUMC dept. Neurology)
    • Just Herder (TU Delft)
    • Caroline Klaver (Erasmus MC)
    • PTCOG Ocular members


NameWhat did they do next
Luc van Vught (2016 - 2022)Started an ophthalmology residency at the LUMC
Kevin Keene (2018 - 2022)Started as Neurology resident at Haga in The Hague
Teresa Ferreira (2015 - 2023)Senior neuroradiologist at LUMC
Myriam Jaarsma-Coes (2017 - 2021)Data scientist at Sint Jansdal in Harderwijk
Kilany Hassan (2017 - 2019)Postdoc at department of Radiotherapy LUMC
Niels Dekker (2016 - 2021)Scientific programmer at Leiden Center for Clinical Image Processing
Zoraida Gaurisankar (2014 - 2020)Ophthalmologist at OLVG in Amsterdam
Gwyneth van Rijn (2011 - 2020)Ophthalmologist at Amsterdam University Medical Center
Lorna Grech-Fonk (2016 - 2020)Ophthalmology physician assistant at Gelre Ziekenhuizen in Apeldoorn